Fighting generational poverty through education and love.


Ama International started as a mission program which sought to do good works in third world countries and bring youth and adults into an experience that would change their outlook on life. After the second mission trip, Ama International founder, Erika, had a decision to make, she could either continue to bounce around different countries bringing groups into different cultures, doing good, and leaving or she could stay in one community, becoming connected and embedded, maximizing the impact. She chose the latter. The purpose of Ama International is to break the cycle of poverty through education and love (ama). Ama will spend the next couple years perfecting the Connection Center program and then replicate the model in other areas of Mexico, Latin America, and the world. It is our vision that all children, no matter their social status or poverty, have access to a good education.

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Through short-term mission trips, we are able to connect people to one another and create bonds. We are also able to share what we are doing in an effective way. Most importantly we are able to do really big things with all the hands working together. We seek people with specific skills and people who just want to make a difference to come together, working alongside the team in Mexico to impact the communities who have lost hope in breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

Ama Without Borders ZapopanWHY ZAPOPAN

Zapopan is the San Fernando Valley of Mexico, and though it has areas of extreme poverty, it also has areas of great wealth and opportunity. It's our vision to shrink the chasm between those with and without opportunity through education, love, and support.