Fighting generational poverty through education and love.


Ama International began as a mission program seeking to do good works in third-world countries while offering youth and adults an experience that could change their outlook on life. Our original plan was to go to various countries, exposing groups to different cultures. After two mission trips, we realized we needed to make a decision. Would we continue to bounce from one place to another, doing good, and then leaving. Or, we choose one country and one community in which to become connected and embedded. Wanting to maximize our impact, we chose the latter.

The mission of Ama International is to help families break cycles of poverty through love (ama in Spanish), education, and community. We believe that all children, no matter their social or economic status, should have opportunities to learn and access to a good education. Our vision is to make that a reality for children in communities across Mexico, Latin America, and the world.

We seek to achieve this goal through short-term mission trips, allowing a greater number of people to share in what we do, connect with the communities we work in, and create bonds. We bring together people with specific, needed skills and those who just want to make a difference, forming teams that work alongside local community members and leaders on projects that will have a long-lasting positive impact. With many hands working together, we are able to do big things, breathing life and hope into communities and giving children opportunities for a bright future.

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Through short-term mission trips, we are able to connect people to one another and create bonds. We are also able to share what we are doing in an effective way. Most importantly we are able to do really big things with all the hands working together. We seek people with specific skills and people who just want to make a difference to come together, working alongside the team in Mexico to impact the communities who have lost hope in breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

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Zapopan is the Silicon Valley of Mexico, and though it has areas of extreme poverty, it also has areas of great wealth and opportunity. It's our vision to shrink the chasm between those with and without opportunity through education, love, and support.