Shared Passions

Ama International Inc believes strongly in collaboration. That is why we openly work with other nonprofits and programs to maximize impact. It is our belief that we are better together and more effective when we support one another.


My360Project is a nonprofit that provides shoes for children in developing worlds. In our mission trip to Mexico in June of 2018 we brought 157 shoes with us to put on children’s feet in Mexico. We will continue to partner with them in future projects.

Learn more about My360Project here.

Global Grace

Glocal Grace is a nonprofit based out of the East Side of Michigan and has been a very supportive partner with Ama International Inc. They help bring sustainability to people in indigenous cultures. We are proud to work with Global Grace in our vision to bring about sustainable change through “teaching a man to fish.”

Learn more about Global Grace here.

Grand Rapids Sister Cities

The founder of Ama International Inc. serves as vice chair on the Grand Rapids Sister Cities Zapopan Committee. Ama International’s Connection Center is located in Zapopan, making the partnership with Grand Rapids Sister Cities a unique connection. We are so thankful to have the support of GR Sister Cities, Zapopan Committee.

Learn more about our Grand Rapids Sister City, Zapopan, here.

Agape Advertising

Agape Advising has become a champion advocate for Ama International Inc. They share a common vision of sustainable change and service without bias. The two organizations are planning to collaborate on future mission trips and are working to increase the networking and partnerships of nonprofits across the globe.

Learn more about Agape Advertising here.

Happy Kids International

Happy Kids International is a nonprofit that runs Kids Clubs, leadership/vocational training, and community outreaches in Haiti, Colombia, and Mexico. Ama, International partners with them by working together in communities in Mexico and beyond.

Learn more about Happy Kids International here.

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